Get Rid Of Oily Skin
Effective Ways To Treat Oily Skin
Honey is among nature's most revered natural skin care remedies. Thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it can benefit acne and oily-prone skin from the inside out. It has healing powers for the skin as well.
To use honey as an acne treatment, apply a small amount, preferably organic, to your face; then let it dry overnight; then rinse with lukewarm water. Use this honey mask twice a week for best results.
According to Oily Skin Group, another way to help reduce acne or oily skin condition is to eat foods that are rich in vitamin E. These foods include whole grains, nuts and seeds such as macadamia nuts, soybeans, pecans and sunflower seeds. The vitamin E is believed to reduce the production of sebum, which is a by-product of our body's natural oil glands. Sebum is responsible for making oil on our face.
Some people find that applying lotions made from herbs such as Rosemary and clover can also help to improve the body's ability to retain moisture. Herbs such as these are known to provide vitamins and nutrients needed by the body. These herbs can be used in place of commercial moisturizers or creams. These are usually rich in alcohol, so they should be avoided at all costs.
Other home remedies for your oily skin condition can include using herbal teas, such as tea tree oil or lavender oil. These can also be applied topically on the affected area. Tea tree oil is known for its anti-bacterial properties, but it also has strong antiseptic qualities.
There are also some more natural remedies that can help. One of these remedies is to take a slice of lemon and shave off a slice of the flesh along the length of your hair.
This will act as a mask for the oil and leave your hair clean and shiny. This treatment is said to be very effective for acne. For a natural alternative to drinking teas and lotions, you can make a tea from freshly cut lavender and Rosemary leaves, which can be drank after each meal.
If acne or oily skin condition is causing concern for you, do not be embarrassed to seek professional help. You are not alone!
Most acne treatments work with one of two methods. They either target the pores, or the sebaceous glands, and prevent the skin oil from building up. There are some acne treatments that have a medicated component, which is used to break down the excess sebum and clear away dead skin cells.
Over the counter medications are often used to treat acne because it is so easy to apply and do. However, they are not always as effective as they claim to be. This is because they do not target the source of the problem.
Topical solutions that use benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid as ingredients are effective. However, they may dry out the skin, which can result in pimples and blemishes.
The best over-the-counter acne treatments are products that target the underlying cause, such as those that contain natural oils. Such solutions include a mixture of witch hazel, aloe vera gel and a topical retinoid. The retinoids work by preventing the formation of the oil produced by the sebaceous glands, which then sloughs off the outer layers of dead skin cells.
Also, it is important to note that the best way to treat oily skin is to wash and cleanse your face and body twice daily. This includes the neck, hands, feet and face. By doing so, the sebum produced is reduced, and the skin pores are left with less oil to block.
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